Frog and Toad Together

Skill:  Adding -ed  <-- Click here for practice!
ask                   help
asked              helped
plan                 call
planned          called
jog                   again*
jogged            soon*
Words to Read            Amazing Words
rain                                  gardener
ground                             nature
head                                sprout
shouted                           dim
shouting                          shade
afraid                               blossom
how                                 humongous
again                               destroy
Inflected -ed endings
R-controlled ar  (Shark)
Review: R  controlled -or ,ore                                    

Grammar SkillVerbs for now and past
Comprehension Skills: Plot:  What happens during the story (beginning, middle, and end).
Reading StrategyVisualize- Imagine what is happening in the story.

Topic 8:
8-1 Counting with groups of ten
8-2 Numbers made with tens
8-3 Tens and ones
Place value acticity

Game:Math facts
Game: Number words 1-10

Writing Standard: 1.5.5 Writing for a different purpose. (Writing a friendly letter)

Jan's New Home

Skill:  Ending -es / Plural -es <-- Click here for practice!
fix                    fixes       
class              classes     
wish               wishes
kiss                kisses      
bus                 buses    
*friends          *very

Words to Read            Amazing Words
away                                                        arrive
our                                                           depart
car                                                           location
school                                                     route
friends                                                     tumble
very                                                         swoop
house                                                      crumple
window                                                   stampede
Ending -es / Plural -es
R  controlled -or ,ore                                    
Review: End sounds -ng -nk
Review: Compound Words

Grammar Skill: Verbs that do not add '-s'
Comprehension Skills: Theme:  The big idea or lesson learned in a story. What the author wants you to learn or know. 
Reading StrategyMonitor & Fix-up - Thinking about details (small pieces of information) in the story to help with understanding.
Counting on a Hundred Chart
Using Skip Counting
Looking for a Pattern
Game:Math facts
Game: Number words 1-10

Writing Standard: 1.5.5 Writing for a different purpose. (Write a friendly letter)

Thursday is our 100th day!

Ruby in Her Own Time

Skill: Words ending in -ng / -nk <- Click here for practice!

bring              trunk       
bank              sang        
rink                blank      
sunk              pink
wing              rang
every*           sure*   

Words to Read            Amazing Words
ever                                                               timeline
sure                                                              event
were                                                             attempt
enough                                                        famous
every                                                             flatter
any                                                               correct
own                                                              lovely
Compound Words   
End sounds -ng -nk  

Review: Y as Long 'e' and 'i' 
Review: Y as a vowel picture hunt!          

Grammar Skill: Verbs that add '-s'
Comprehension SkillsPlot: The beginning, middle, and end of a story. 
Reading StrategySummarize- Tell the most important parts of a story in a short way to help with better understanding.

Making and Using numbers 11-19
Counting by 10's to 120
One more, one less
Identify numbers to 100(out of sequence)
Missing Number
Math facts

Writing Standard: 1.5.2 Write brief expository (informational) descriptions of a real object, person, place, or event, using sensory details. (How-to, List of accomplishments)

An Egg is an Egg

Skill:  Y as a vowel    <- Click here for practice!

my                   body      
by                    fly            
try                   cry        
any                 lucky        
silly                puppy
things*           always*

Words to Read            Amazing Words
things                                                          adult
always                                                        healthy
stays                                                           measurement
everything                                                  shuffle
nothing                                                       teeter
day                                                             crooked
become                                                     bounce
When is Y a vowel?
The Lonely Vowel
Y as Long 'e' and 'i' 
Y as a vowel picture hunt!          
Long vowels 'CV'  (Go, No, So, Hi, Be)                                                     

Grammar Skill: Action Verbs
 Comprehension Skills: Compare and Contrast: 
Reading Strategy:  Preview- Look through a selection before you read it.

Using addition to subtract
Subtraction facts
Draw a picture and write a number sentence
Counting by 5's
Math facts
Number words 1-10

Writing Standard: 1.5.2 Write brief expository (informational) descriptions of a real object, person, place, or event, using sensory details.